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Hot Dog, Remote, Spoon

3 new words Mattias has added to his vocabulary (ok, technically 4 but he already knew how to say “dog”).  Yesterday while out shopping he pointed to a package of hot dogs, said “hot dog” and then smiled.  I asked … Continue reading

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There were 10 in the bed

and the little one said roll over, roll over!        Mattias napping in his own bed!! He usually sleep walks out of his room after about an hour and then curls up on my lap for another half an hour.  … Continue reading

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Oh no!

You’ve got to check out this interview with Mattias. He is really verbal – gee, I wonder where he gets that from.  You can see his eye is still black – maybe even blacker than before.  Don’t worry Farmor, he does … Continue reading

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That black eye you see (on Mattias’ left) is the product of a nasty spill on some ice.  Apparently snow isn’t quite as soft as it looks.  Tripping on an ice block?.. not fun! On a funnier note – yesterday … Continue reading

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St. Lucia

Yesterday we celebrated St. Lucia day (one day late) by baking some lussebullar … and then dressing Mattias up in his “tomten” outfit.  Mattias seemed to enjoy the lussebulle – or the raisins at least…   and afterward we played … Continue reading

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Beautiful British Columbia

After a skype conversation with Farmor about the weather in Stockholm (snowy and cold) we took a long walk to appreciate the weather here in Vancouver (sunny, crisp and warm).  Mattias loves the sleeping bag that fits in his stroller.  … Continue reading

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It’s a good thing he’s cute

it’s even better that he is adorable … ’cause he’s TROUBLE.  I’m pretty sure he knows he’s not supposed to do this.

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We headed to the park yesterday afternoon (after Fredrik was finished with work) and were treated to some amazing fall colors. The changing colors, however, didn’t seem to be Mattias’ focus… Lucas the golden retriever was.             The owners … Continue reading

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It’s official Mattias can walk – and seems to prefer to all of a sudden.  He still crawls every now and again but hey, so do I (like when Mattias threw his cheerios all over the floor – but that’s … Continue reading

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Playing in the gym

Our local community center has a drop in play area for kids – Mattias generally naps when they are open so we’d never been before.  Today I decided to push his first nap back a bit so we could give … Continue reading

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