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Happy Halloween

Mattias was supposed to have his first round of shots today (4 of them!!) but it was postponed because he is sick. We’ll have another go at it next week. We found out that he weighs 5 kilos or 11 … Continue reading

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7 weeks ago and 3 chins later…

Look at me now!

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Ready for winter

This past week we’ve had a couple of cooler days (no snow yet – but we can see that some has fallen in the mountains). Mattias is ready for winter thanks to a new had from farmor and some warm … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada!

Today we applied for Mattias’ Canadian passport and if this process is any indication of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Canada is gonna kick butt with Sweden coming in a close second and the US… well, they might not show … Continue reading

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Hej då farmor och Hasse

Yesterday we said “bye” to Fredrik’s mom and step-dad. It was a whirlwind trip that seemed too short (when Mattias was happy and the sun was shining) and perhaps a bit too long (when Mattias was crying and it was … Continue reading

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Growing, growing

I was showing Britt-Marie (Fredrik’s mom) some of Mattias’ cuter outfits today and came across this one meant for 3-6 month olds and it is almost too small for him already! I guess I’ll have to go through his clothes … Continue reading

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Here’s a little video of Mattias. He has just started “talking” and it seems like he makes new noises every day. I went to the (nice) doctor for my checkup and asked him if he could recommend any doctors that … Continue reading

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We’re still alive / Vi lever

Well, I know that it’s been a while but we’re still alive. This past weekend we took a trip to the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. Although it is known for its rainy weather, we had nothing but … Continue reading

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5 Weeks Old

Today Britt-Marie and Hans made it to Vancouver to visit the little man. We were able to take an evening walk just as the sun was setting. When we returned home we found a suitcase filled with gifts from family … Continue reading

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Doctor visit #2

Mattias got a chance to meet yet another doctor today and it went a little better than last time.  As many of you may have heard our “pediatrician” specializes in aesthetics (lip injections, botox etc.)  I wasn’t quite sure what … Continue reading

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