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Sleeping like a baby

Lately Mattias has been sleeping in this position… so cute!

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A busy weekend

Mattias and I spent the weekend in Redmond while Fredrik was on a business trip to Las Vegas. On Saturday we got to go hiking with Jeff and An… …before dinner with Mattias’ great-grandma… … and then celebrated long time … Continue reading

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Just Peachy

We’ve moved from apples to peaches and Mattias seems to like them – well, playing with them at least. Believe it or not, some of that food actually makes it in his mouth – and even more impressively some of … Continue reading

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Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

Mattias enjoying the Mariner’s hat he got from Jeff and An.

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Trying out the backpack

We’ve been waiting for Mattias to get big enough to try out the backpack we got from Chance and Rosanne – and we couldn’t have picked a better day. The sun is shining and the mountains are full of fresh … Continue reading

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Who me?

As you can see Mattias has finally found his toes… at first it looked like he was going to pull his foot off but now it just looks like he wants to eat them! We had an eventful weekend. My … Continue reading

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                       I can’t believe how big the “little man” is getting. He has mastered the art of rolling and is currently working on sitting. So far he’s tried peas, pears, peaches and apples with apples being his favorite. … Continue reading

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Snuggled up

It seems as though every time we go out we get comments on Mattias’ sleeping bag that lines his stroller. “My, he looks cozy” or, “I’ll bet he stays warm in that” or even, “when my kids were small all … Continue reading

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