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It’s a good thing he’s cute

it’s even better that he is adorable … ’cause he’s TROUBLE.  I’m pretty sure he knows he’s not supposed to do this.

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Better late than never

Here are some highlights from our weekend in Redmond (note that there are not any pictures from the border.. haha). Mattias continues to charm the crowd… hard to believe that it was already a year ago that I posted “hot … Continue reading

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We headed to the park yesterday afternoon (after Fredrik was finished with work) and were treated to some amazing fall colors. The changing colors, however, didn’t seem to be Mattias’ focus… Lucas the golden retriever was.             The owners … Continue reading

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Few more pics from Sweden

On our last full day in Sweden Mattias helped to rake up some leaves.  Here his is with a mini rake couresy of Lasse and Kerstin.   Mattias sure enjoyed playing outside – and I appreciated having a yard. Here … Continue reading

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Fun in the tub

Mattias still loves water – and lights -(but that is another story).  Here is a video of him in the famous orange bath (the one that Fredrik was bathed in when he was small) trying to figure out how to … Continue reading

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Ulriksdals slott

Yesterday we enjoyed brunch with Fredrik’s grandparents, dad, uncle and their respective families.  Mattias has never eaten so much in his entire life!  He ate meat balls, potato casserole, french toast and bread.. and managed to save room for a … Continue reading

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This one’s for Grandma

I just got off the phone with Mattias’ Grandma and she has been checking the blog and a bit disappointed that I haven’t updated since Tuesday.  Sooo here goes… We’ve been really busy trying to meet up with all of … Continue reading

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The first thing I did when our luggage arrived (yes, you read that right… we got our stuff!!) was throw Mattias in his rainy pants and head for the sandbox.  Lasse and Kerstin, who live next door, have a sandbox … Continue reading

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Mommy’s little helper

Since we are still without bags (though we do have a few changes of clothes thanks to our trip to H&M yesterday) I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.  The baby needs a bath and his clothes need … Continue reading

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We made it…

… but our luggage didn’t. Traveling with Mattias by myself was a breeze until I watched the final suitcases get loaded on to the  carousel and ours wasn’t among them.  After a brief moment of panic (I had forgotten the … Continue reading

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