Happy 50th Dad!

Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday at Hale’s brewery in Seattle.


It was a whirlwind trip down to Redmond for the weekend… and we weren’t even the ones who traveled the longest distance – that would be Margo and Lyle who made it over from Spokane. It was a great party and trip down memory lane. My mom had surprised my dad with a picture from every year since 1958 and I had planned some games for the event. Over 40 people came together to celebrate my dad. We drove back to Vancouver this morning in record time (no wait at the border) to witness a spectacular view of the mountains. It was a much better “welcome back” than we received last week (with a dead car battery). The sun is shining and it’s a crisp 3° C.

Here’s the latest picture of the little guy… I couldn’t update the blog without Mattias!!


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