Rice Cereal

Yesterday Mattias got his first taste of rice cereal.. and to be honest I think he preferred the bib but you can be the judge.  Here’s the little clip of Mattias eating… well, his bib!  What a mess!

img_1409.jpg      img_1404.jpg      img_1408.jpg

That was “yuck,” followed by, “do I have to?” followed by, “I’d rather eat the bib.”

Vancouver has been gorgeous lately with fresh snow in the mountains and blue sky.  We were out walking the other day and came across 2 bald eagles.  Too bad I didn’t have the good camera with us – they pretty much look like tiny dots with our little camera.

img_1397.jpg        img_1399.jpg       img_1401.jpg

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  1. Britt-Marie says:

    Jag förstår att han ville äta haklappen, den var säkert godare än riset. Otroligt fina bilder. Jag känner igen vyerna och jag tror den sista är tagen vid Lost Lagoon.
    Kramar Farmor

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