Snowy Vancouver

An update from snowy Vancouver…

Yesterday we went to the US consulate to apply for Mattias’ passport.  It was crazy!  We had to go through 2 metal detectors and they searched all of our stuff multiple times.  It was by far the least efficient of the 3 processes.  Turns out that I need to prove that I lived in the US for a total of 5 years (3 of which have to be after I was 14 years old) so naturally school transcripts are a good way of proving that you were in the US, BUT they only prove that you were there for 9 months because you could have traveled out of the country from the day school was out until it started again… seriously!?!  Anyways we should have his passport in approx 6 months – hopefully we will still live in the same building.  A lot can happen in 6 months!

This morning we woke up to snow on the streets and buildings.  Vancouver doesn’t usually get much snow so it was quite a treat for us.   Right now the blue sky is starting to poke through the clouds.

Mattias is still trying new foods and we’ve moved from rice cereal to pears to peas.  So far he isn’t impressed by much but occasionally he will finish an entire portion.  Looks like we’re ready to buy a highchair.

Here (under – left) Mattias fell asleep playing… and here he is trying to break out of his crib

img_1424.jpg          img_1422.jpg

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  1. sussie says:

    I’ll comment on everything ive seen … im not a frequent visitor but i always have great fun when i do get to read you blog…
    Getting sweeter and sweeter…kiss him from me
    Take care u //Hugs Sussie and the bunch

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