Snuggled up

It seems as though every time we go out we get comments on Mattias’ sleeping bag that lines his stroller. “My, he looks cozy” or, “I’ll bet he stays warm in that” or even, “when my kids were small all we had were blankets.” Anyways, here’s Mattias looking cozy in his stroller..


And here’s the latest “nearly naked” photo.. as you can see he isn’t quite as chubby, but he is taller.

Also a photo with dad :)

img_1430.jpg img_1436.jpg

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One Response to Snuggled up

  1. Malin Mårtensson says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys again and hug the little man himselfe, ofcoures the two of you will get one to but i think Mattias will top the list. Nearly naked baby’s or even naken ones are so qute, his has grown in size you tell but on the lenght and not around. Fun to see dad and his “mini me”, Fredrik if you would have skipped the glasses it would have been har to tell whoes’ who.
    Big cuddles to you all!/ Malin with family.
    P.S Thank you for the card.

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