All I want for Christmas…

Fredrik has been on my case asking what I want for Christmas… and up until about 3 days ago I was able to say that I don’t really want or need anything.  BUT that was before the monster decided to get creative with my couch (drawing all over it with lipstick) and friendly with my lamp (breaking the glass shade in to a million pieces).  So I guess you could say that a new couch cover and a lamp are on my Christmas list – oh, and you’d better throw in a new lipstick too!  After the incident with the couch on Tuesday and the lamp on Wednesday morning … I thought nothing else could go wrong and then Mattias stepped in dog poo with his new shoes and I picked him up without knowing and got it all over my dry-clean only, red sweater.  Sooo… to make a long stor short you’ll find a red sweater among those new items on my wish list.  And after cleaning the shoes Fredrik will need a new toothbrush.  (ok… I’m only kidding) :)

Here’s Mattias getting ready for winter … 2010… the pants are a little big and a picture in the park.

img_3323.jpg         img_3324.jpg

On a happier note, Mattias is finally sleeping better!  He hasn’t made it all the way through the night but he’s getting there.

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2 Responses to All I want for Christmas…

  1. g-ma terri says:

    He’s so cute (a good thing these days!) Looking forward to seeing you both on Sunday (I’ve put away all the makeup!)

    Love, gma

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow, these are some memorable stories! Thanks for sharing :)

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