Christmas 2008

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated but we forgot the cord for the camera in Vancouver!  We traveled down to Redmond on December 22nd in more snow that I’ve ever seen in the pacific northwest.  It is almost comical knowing that we have relatives in Alaska and Stockholm that were jealous of our “White Christmas.”  Mattias absolutely loved the snow – though a couple inches would have done the trick!

img_3476.jpg      img_3492.jpg      img_3506.jpg

This was Mattias’ first real Christmas – he slept through the last one.  He enjoyed opening packages and playing with the bows.  He even got to help his uncle Chris with a few.  We got some great news on Christmas – – Mattias is going to be a cousin.  Jenny and Travis are anxiously awaiting a new member to their family in July.

Christmas dinner was an Italian feast… kinda interesting considering we (Weilers) are many things but Italian isn’t one of them.  I’m sure we could have passed it off as authentic with home made marinara and gnocchi.  I don’t think I’ll eat until the new year.

Instead of uploading a million pictures I decided to create a slide show that is sadly too big for the blog. I’ve uploaded it to youtube and you can watch it here .

Too bad that I don’t have pictures of us trying to get out of the driveway on the 27th… we had to use chains!  It started raining on Sunday making very slippery snow with water underneath.  Once we were out of the driveway it was smooth sailing and we made it back to Vancouver after NO wait at the border.

Here is a video of Mattias singing on the way home.

Now we just have to pack for our trip to Sweden tomorrow…  maybe I should unpack from our Christmas travels first??

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One Response to Christmas 2008

  1. Malin Mårtensson says:

    Kul, du är så himla duktig Sarah. Vad härligt det ser ut, min två här hemma skulle göra vad som helst för att få leka i snön. Idag frågade Evelina om vi inte kunde åka pulka, på barmark.
    Hoppas flygningen kommer gå bra och att Mattias sköter sig som han brukar.
    Hoppas vi hinner ses!
    Kramar Malin m familj

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