Happy New Year!

We made it safely to Sweden just in time to celebrate the new year… I use the term “celebrate” rather lightly since it is only 7 and Mattias is already sleeping (having gotten up for good at 2.30AM and then fallen asleep for the night at 9AM- “napping” until 1:30!!).  Needless to say we are all a little jet lagged.  That didn’t stop us from getting in the spirit of things.  You can see Mattias in his “Happy New Year 2009” shirt below (a Christmas gift from the Freemans).

img_3551.jpg           img_3539.jpg

To the right is Mattias checking out the thick frost.  I got him all bundeled up and opened the door and he ran over to the neighbor’s house to play in the sandbox to find the sand frozen solid and the box covered with frost.  A minor set-back… the frost was pretty cool.

On a totally unrelated note:  TESSA, if you’re out there I heard that Bristol Palin named her son after your cat.  Pretty neat.  Tripp – perhaps a big brother to Trick and Treat?

Happy New Year everyone! Party safely!

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