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I’ve updated the blog – finally!  You’ll have to scroll down to get caught up.

It’s been a hectic couple of days.  After throwing out our couch and bed it was time for a trip to Ikea.  Thanks to some help from Farmor and Hans I was able to purchase everything for our apartment in just about 3 hours.  It took slightly longer than that to get things put together.  About 26 steps in to a 27 step project I realised that I had used the wrong bolts throughout the table.  I was about to curl up on the ground and cry when Britt-Marie said, “Rome wasn’t built in  a day.”  And while I do concur, I think that had Ikea existed back then it might have been possible – though to be honest if the coliseum would have taken more than 27 steps you could count me out! You can see the finished project under the “videos”post.

Mattias  changes every day.  He now says many things – bye, bye, mamma, pappa, bottle (bah- lah), more, tack, öppna (open), book, dog, nose, eye, shoes and those are just the ones we understand.  I’m hoping to get some more interviews with Mattias posted soon.

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