And the Oscar goes to…

In the spirit of the Oscar nominations this morning I thought I’d post the latest videos of Mattias

Best Original Song

Best Actor

He might even be recognized for his humanitarian efforts – keeping his diaper dry by using the toilet at least two times each day for the past 3 days!!  We know that this might not be a permanent change but it is welcome none the less.  It has also been a huge source of positive reinforcement for Mattias.

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4 Responses to And the Oscar goes to…

  1. g-ma terri says:

    Where’s the part about “don’t forget to scream”?

    Does he actually sleep in his own little big-boy bed now?

    Love, gma

  2. admin says:

    Sleep… what is sleep? He sure is cute though!

  3. admin says:

    and as for “don’t forget to scream” he only screams 50% of the time… coincidentally the 50% that he is not on camera. watch for updates… I might just catch him one of these times!

  4. Britt-Marie says:

    Tänk att få komma till jobbet som jag tycker om, titta på er blogg och upptäcka två fantastiska videos, vad kan bli bättre. Kramar Farmor

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