There were 10 in the bed

and the little one said

roll over, roll over!


img_3672.jpg       img_3677.jpg

Mattias napping in his own bed!! He usually sleep walks out of his room after about an hour and then curls up on my lap for another half an hour.  Yesterday we went to the aquarium and Mattias had a blast (as usual) and I took a picture of Vancouver on our way home. We have had a lot of fog lately so it was refreshing to finally see the city – and especially the mountains (not pictured here).

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3 Responses to There were 10 in the bed

  1. Britt-Marie says:

    Längtar till Vancouver när jag ser dessa bilder. Kramar Farmor

  2. Britt-Marie says:

    Förstår inte vad Du menar med “Mattias had a blast”. Farmor

  3. admin says:

    han hadde det roligt

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