Hot Dog, Remote, Spoon

3 new words Mattias has added to his vocabulary (ok, technically 4 but he already knew how to say “dog”).  Yesterday while out shopping he pointed to a package of hot dogs, said “hot dog” and then smiled.  I asked him if he wanted hot dogs for dinner and he said, “hot dog.”  He sure knows how to get what he wants!  This morning he woke himself up laughing, looked at me and said, “hot dog”…. so that is what he ate for breakfast!

Here is Mattias at playgroup sitting next to his friend Ceilidh (which is Welsh for Kaylee – no more complaining about how tricky Mattias is to say or spell :) )

img_3680.jpg       img_3681.jpg

The two took turns dipping crackers and fruit in her water… mmm – no wonder he was hungry for hot dogs.

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  1. Britt-Marie says:

    På bilden till vänster är Mattias väldigt lik Fredrik tycker jag. Dagens bästa stund när jag öppnar bloggen och läser och tittar på bilder. Kram Farmor

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