It’s tough being the center of attention!

Whew! Where to start?  It was a busy week.

On Monday morning (after music class) we headed down to Seattle.  After a quick lunch with Grandma we hopped on a plane and flew to Missoula.  Annie and Rosanne picked us up from the airport and then it was off to Great-Grandma’s for dinner.  On Tuesday I was able to see a friend from college and on Wednesday my sister and Travis arrived in the afternoon – Fredrik arrived later that night.  Thursday we were able to catch up with more friends from school and Friday we had dinner with Fredrik’s host parents (from back in the college days).  Saturday was our last day with all the family.  Early Sunday morning (7am) we flew back to Seattle.  It was breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa and then a long drive to Vancouver.  That’s it in a nutshell.

Logistical details somehow end up on the back burner when there is Mattias news to be had.  Mattias has added many new words to his vocabulary but I must admit I’m quite partial to “digger” which he uses to describe big machines (like the kind that you can see from Great-Grandma’s window).  I’m gonna have to get a video of it up soon.

img_3724.jpg      img_3727.jpg      img_3730.jpg

snow…. snow… s n o w !

img_3745.jpg       img_3752.jpg      img_3723.jpg

Matthew, Mattias and Hailey with Great-Grandma

Fredrik, Mattias, Åshild

Great-Grandma, Rosanne, Mattias, Annie

img_3747.jpg                img_3740.jpg      img_3743.jpg

Sleepin in Great-Grandpa’s chair

Mountain sheep

Aunt Jenny feeding Mattias chocolate :)

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  1. Britt-Marie says:

    Ni ser ut att ha haft en hektisk men rolig vecka. Jättefina bilder. Kramar Farmor

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