Just Peachy


We’ve moved from apples to peaches and Mattias seems to like them – well, playing with them at least. Believe it or not, some of that food actually makes it in his mouth – and even more impressively some of it actually stays there. Here’s a home video”just peachy“of me feeding Mattias. I can already hear, “I can do it myself!” in my head.

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2 Responses to Just Peachy

  1. g-ma terri says:

    You got a high chair!!! What a big boy! I love this picture – this kid always makes me laugh out loud.
    Love, g-ma terri

  2. Britt-Marie says:

    Jättefin bild och videosnutt. Längtar sååå efter er alla tre. Ha det bra i Redmond och hälsa mamma och pappa. Kramar Britt-Marie och Onkel Hans

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