That black eye you see (on Mattias’ left) is the product of a nasty spill on some ice.  Apparently snow isn’t quite as soft as it looks.  Tripping on an ice block?.. not fun!

On a funnier note – yesterday morning I was changing the sheets and noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mattias had taken his diaper off.  Not long after he said, “wa-tah”  and I immediately thought, “oh, no!”  As I looked over I noticed Mattias standing in a man-made puddle with his diaper around his ankles.  “Wa-tah?” – not quite….

Never a dull moment in the Lindahl household.

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  1. Britt-Marie says:

    Vilken härlig video. Skall bli sååå roligt när ni kommer hem. Någon vinter har vi inte ännu. Kramar Farmor

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